The Founders of the company have been involved in the sales and marketing of the solar water pumping solution since 2010. Our solutions are much more than just integration of imported solution components. We have provided features to improve the system’s power conversion efficiency more than the typical designs do. When we design our solution for our customers need, many more parameters are at play than what typical design methods do.


Sunvolts believes that business should be done in a socially responsible manner. Its board of director has resolved to donate at least 20% of all its profits to registered charities active in the area of promotion of education in the society. This philosophy is also behind our priority to serve the rural customers before we increase our outreach into middle/upper-middle class or corporate sector customers.


The company has established supplier relationships with the leading market brands. A number of them are listed at the NASDAQ. Sunvolts is registered with the Alternate Energy Development Board and. It has dealerships in many districts to provide local service and maintenance support for our customer.


We look forward to solving your water pumping problems due to infrequent availability of electrical supply for your tube wells, and that too in an extremely cost effective manner.

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